Do you store the email at all?

No, we absolutely do not store the contents of the email in any way, we just do what is called “pass through” – volley the contents from the alias to your main inbox. You can find a commitment to this in our privacy policy here.

What happens if I add a new domain?

MailTumble has been uniquely architected so that the front “alias” identifier component is separate from the domain it’s attached to. This has several benefits, primarily that when you add a new domain, your aliases will work with ANY of your existing domains as well as the default one we set you up with. This means that you can add a branded domain later down the track and it will work with existing aliases. You will also be able to set up one of the domains a “primary” domain for any of your existing aliases, which governs the alias that gets attached to the address when you copy it or select it from the input popup.

How do I know the email will get to me?

Short Answer: MailTumble does the work in the backend to make sure that our emails are trusted by inboxes. 


Long Answer: Email deliverability is a complex equation and MailTumble actively monitors our deliverability metrics to ensure that your email gets to you in you main inbox, rather than in spam. Firstly, we make sure that all domains used with the platform are configured for SPF, DKIM and DMARC. 

Secondly, we actively monitor the spam, trust and reporting metrics of any IP or domain used. For example, we monitor the “complaint” score or our IPs generally, in addition to a separate individual complaint score for any unique user. This isn’t strictly necessary because of the use case, but these measures exist on our platform as a function of the history of the platform as a List Management tool, and this helps us to maintain our assurance over the level of deliverability we can provide to customers.

What happens if I delete an alias accidentally?

If you delete an alias accidentally that you need please email us at [email protected]. Let us know what alias it was (what it looked like) and we will restore the alias manually in the backend. In the near future we will be implementing optional catchall addresses and and other ways to restore old aliases.

I have a request for a new feature. How can I let you know about it?

Absolutely, we’d love to know how alpha users are using the platform and what you would like from us next. Drop us an email at, or line up a chat with us here.